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The everyday problems of the average Brownie.

Brown Problem #290

Your Mom making you gargle salt water instead of getting you medicine.  

Brown Problem #289

Making up an excuse for your family to tell them why you did not add them on Facebook.  

Brown Problem #288

Goras asking why you call your sister Baji and your brother Bahi.  

Brown Problem #287

Asking your parents if you can buy a pack of gum even when you are 20.

Brown problem #286

Being stopped at airport security because your Mom did not take off all of her jewelry. 

Brown Problem #285

Wearing sunscreen even when it is raining.

Brown Problem #284

Boys and Girls sit separate at parties, even if it is your sibling. 

Brown Problem #283

Going home every weekend when in college.  

Brown Problem #282

When your Mom forces you to eat almonds because it is supposed to make you smarter.

Brown Problem #281

When your Mom cares about her plants more than you.